Readers’ Reactions

The Green Vial is a genuinely fun and exciting thriller with brains and heart in equal measure, and while the frequent action will keep you on the edge of your seat and your mind will reel as the conspiracy continues to grow deeper and deeper, it’s hard to top that evil chill that one instinctively feels when you learn of the incredible threat sloshing about inside each jade tube.

—Arnold Carreiro

“I’m not really into thrillers, but the political intrigue in this book got my attention. It is a subject I find greatly interesting. Orsini did a good job with this one.”

—James S. Ricks, Smyrna, Georgia

“With a solid plot and well-drawn characters, Nicholas Orsini is at the top of his game. The Green Vial left me at the edge of my seat.”

—George B. Frazier, Albuquerque, New Mexico

About the Book

Lured into the web of a terrorist plot, geophysicist Dr. Roger Rogers of the US Geological Survey and his graduate assistant, Teresa Marchetti, go to Iran for an on-site investigation after an earthquake occurred. They need to collect scientific data from the region essential to their research studies.

There they meet their Iranian counterparts and Norwegian science attaché, Bjorn Arnarsoxn. Everything goes as planned, but then their plane is forced to make an emergency landing in a restricted biological-weapons development area. They are surprised when they are taken into custody. Roger and his companions later learn from a disillusioned member of an underground faction about the plot to extort millions of dollars from the US government. The terrorists are threatening to dump anthrax bacterium into the water supplies of several US major cities.

Presented with an escape route, Roger, Theresa, and Bjorn flee to the Afghan border where dangerous elements complicate the matter even further. After a tragic encounter at a checkpoint, the two Americans take a detour to Norway where more information about the case are unraveled. The whole thing escalated, and it finally had the Defense Intelligence Agency and the US President to get involved.

With his flair in weaving thrill and suspense to a layered and intricate plot, author Nicholas Orsini follows the footsteps of Graham Greene and John le Carre. The Green Vial will leave readers breathless and asking for more.

Nicholas Orsini

About the Author

Nicholas Orsini spent his growing-up years in Glens Falls, New York. He earned his degree in Colgate University. He rendered twenty-four years of service in the US Air Force, retiring as a lieutenant colonel. In the Vela Uniform program, Orsini’s job of differentiating underground nuclear explosions from earthquakes took him around the globe. He was the chief of the Albuquerque Seismological Laboratory that manages a program to build seismic stations in Africa and South America. Orsini is also a licensed private pilot, completing over eight hundred hours of flying time.


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