The Scary Car Chase on the Drive to Lillehammer

Nicholas Orsini September 18, 2018

How Jens and Rogers team up to beat the Iranian secret police’s deadly intentions

Car Chase

When Rogers and Marchetti met Jens at the parking lot on their way to Lillehammer, Norway, he noticed a dark blue SUV parked on the opposite side of the lot.

Jens told Rogers how the same vehicle had followed them on their drive from Oslo to Kjeller. Rogers then mentioned about his trouble during his investigation in Iran, which made Jens conclude the people following them were the Iranian secret police forces. Jens assured Rogers and Teresa that his Mercedes can outrun the blue SUV, considering that the two-lane road to Lillehammer was narrow and twisted.

When Jens picked up speed, the SUV did the same, which made Jens realize he had underestimated its power. After a high-speed car chase that lasted for 10 minutes, Jens saw a passing zone ahead and allowed the SUV to pass. The SUV pulled out, but it tried to force it off the road when it came beside Jens’s car. Realizing its true intention, Jens accelerated and made sure the SUV trailed them.

Jens took out a Colt .45 caliber pistol from under his seat and gave it to Rogers, whom he instructed to shoot the SUV tires at the next passing zone. At the next passing zone, the SUV forced Jens’s car to go off the road again. Rogers shot the SUV’s front tire, which went flat, and Jens forced the police car to go off the road’s left side.

The stretch of the road had a steep embankment that went down to meet Lake Mjosa, the largest lake in Norway.

As Jens drove on, he and the others noticed a huge ball of fire and smoke in their rearview mirrors.

The SUV’s gas tank exploded, and this brought an end to the scary car chase.

What do you think about the way Jens and Rogers executed the plan to shoot the SUV’s tire and push it off the road? Do you think Jens’s special training and Roger’s good aim made a difference? Would you have done any different had you been in their shoes? Let me know in the comments section below. You can also connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads to keep the conversation going. To know more about what happened next to Rogers, Teresa, and Jens, take a look at my book The Green Vial.

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