Why the Consequence Management Response Force Was Set Up

Nicholas Orsini October 1, 2018

Other topics Roger’s NORAD meeting touched upon—CBRNE and SMDS’s capability

Consequence Management Response Force

Major General Leaf was the commander of both NORTHCOM and NORAD. After acknowledging Colonel Hilton, Roger, and the group and then motioned everyone to sit, he started explaining why CBRNE was needed amid the biological threat posed by Operation Water Buffalo. He said after the September 11 attacks, a Consequence Management Response Force was created to respond to chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and high-yield explosive attacks. And thus, CBRNE was born. In case Roger’s negotiations failed to work, Major General Leaf said they would be ready.

Major General Leaf further added that over the next sixty minutes, the people present in the room would become privy to what only a select few civilians know about the Strategic Missile Deterrence System (SMDS) and its capability. He told the attendees, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) developed it for the North American Aerospace Defense Command. This deterrence system could be deployed anywhere in the world to prevent anyone with plans to threaten or do harm to the United States.

And then without causing further delay, he started his presentation that showed how SMDS worked. The screen displayed the logo of the SMDS placed over a Mercator projection of the world. The representation showed an eagle sitting atop a mushroom cloud, with thunderbolts and lightning in one claw while its other claw had an olive branch—a stark reminder for all threats to the country.

From CBRNE and Consequence Management Response Force to the SMDS, Roger learned a lot during the meeting. And as the room fell quiet while everyone was thinking about the deterrence system’s tremendous power, he was silently contemplating the huge task he had before him. Before leaving the room, Major General Leaf came over to Roger and told him that it was now up to him and his team to complete the mission.

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