The News of Teresa’s Death

Nicholas Orsini October 8, 2018

How Roger reacted on hearing about Teresa’s white-water rafting accident


When Pam dropped Roger at his hotel after telling him about the meeting the next day with Senator Burke and the vice president where plans would be reviewed for his Teheran visit, perhaps he never imagined the devastating news that awaited him. When he entered his hotel room and found his bedside phone’s red light blinking, indicating he had a message, Roger dialed the operator. The operator told Roger to call John at his office where John gave him the news of Teresa’s death in a boating accident the previous night.

John said Teresa had gone white-water rafting with her friends. The raft got overturned, causing her death, even though she was wearing a life preserver. John explained that perhaps her head hit something as the raft turned over, though nothing was known for sure. Her body was recovered a short way downstream.

Roger was shaken when John told him the dreadful news. He told John he would have to delay things at his end and get back as soon as was possible, which could probably be the next day. Since it was already the time for dinner, Roger went to the restaurant in Georgetown where he dined with Teresa on their return from Europe.

He went straight to The Senator, the restaurant’s bar, where he and Teresa had their good-night cocktail earlier and ordered a dry martini with olives. And as the woman sitting a few stools away, Jane, introduced herself and joined him, his grief for Teresa blew as he told Jane he wasn’t in the mood for dining alone since hearing the bad news of the accidental death a moment earlier.

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