The Plan to Escape from Confinement and its Execution

Nicholas Orsini August 14, 2018

Events happening on their escape route to Afghanistan that caused Bjorn's death

Aided by Mustafa, Dr. Rogers, Ms. Marchetti, and Dr. Arnarson were able to escape from their confinement and get on board a helicopter, whose pilot was instructed to take them to the border of Afghanistan. After getting off the helicopter, the trio changed their clothes (which B . . .

Helicopter Malfunction Caused an Emergency Landing at the Biological Weapons Compound

Nicholas Orsini August 8, 2018

Why the emergency helicopter landing due to oil pressure problem prompted imprisonment and trial of Roger, Theresa and Bjorn

On the invitation of scientists of the University of Teheran, Dr. Roger Rogers of the DOJ/USGS and Ms. Teresa Marchetti, who was his graduate assistant, started work on assisting them in investigating the aftereffects of the massive T . . .

Trevi Fountain: A Roman Treasure

Nicholas Orsini July 31, 2018

Do you want to visit the Trevi Fountain?

If the image above seems familiar, maybe because it’s been spotted in a few movies. For those unaware, this is Rome’s famous Trevi Fountain. A visit to the Italian capital won’t be complete without stopping by the renowned spot.

There’s more to the Trevi Fountain (or the Fontana di Trevi, as local . . .

Iran Earthquake: The Facts of a Fiction

Nicholas Orsini July 24, 2018

Iran Earthquake: The Facts of a Fiction

The setting of The Green Vial, an action-packed thriller, is in Tabas, Iran. The protagonist geophysicist Dr. Roger Rogers and his graduate assistant went out to investigate the earthquake in Tabas. The disastrous Iran earthquake is not mere fiction but a real incident that devastated villages in east Iran.
. . .