The News of Teresa’s Death

Nicholas Orsini October 8, 2018

How Roger reacted on hearing about Teresa’s white-water rafting accident

When Pam dropped Roger at his hotel after telling him about the meeting the next day with Senator Burke and the vice president where plans would be reviewed for his Teheran visit, perhaps he never imagined the devastating news that awaited him. When he entered his hotel room and foun . . .

Why the Consequence Management Response Force Was Set Up

Nicholas Orsini October 1, 2018

Other topics Roger’s NORAD meeting touched upon—CBRNE and SMDS’s capability

Major General Leaf was the commander of both NORTHCOM and NORAD. After acknowledging Colonel Hilton, Roger, and the group and then motioned everyone to sit, he started explaining why CBRNE was needed amid the biological threat posed by Operation Water Buffalo. He said after th . . .

Military Defense Policy Makers Offer Special Role to Rogers

Nicholas Orsini September 24, 2018

Why Rogers was most suitable to act as the negotiator in Operation Quick Draw

The military defense policy makers held a meeting in Washington, DC, that was attended by Rogers, his sister Pamela (Pam), Teresa, Senator Burke, Bruce Cole (the assistant secretary of state for Middle Eastern affairs), and Mark Evans (his assistant). The meeting started with a cu . . .

The Scary Car Chase on the Drive to Lillehammer

Nicholas Orsini September 18, 2018

How Jens and Rogers team up to beat the Iranian secret police’s deadly intentions

When Rogers and Marchetti met Jens at the parking lot on their way to Lillehammer, Norway, he noticed a dark blue SUV parked on the opposite side of the lot.

Jens told Rogers how the same vehicle had followed them on their drive from Oslo to Kjeller. Rogers then mentioned . . .