Meeting Norwegian Seismologists at Kjeller

Nicholas Orsini September 11, 2018

The startling speculation about the Russian submarines sinking told by Dr. Mangum and Dr. Engdahl to Roger

Jens drove Roger and Teresa to Kjeller. After arriving at the gate of Norwegian National Data Center, Jens had to sign his name and time on the paper the guard gave him; after which, he drove the duo t the main office building. After entering the build . . .

Meeting Mrs. Arnarson for Offering Condolences

Nicholas Orsini September 6, 2018

Words of consolation to ease bereavement

Roger and Teresa met Mrs. Kirsti Arnarson, who was accompanied by Mr. Tostrop of the foreign ministry, in the ambassador’s conference room.  Roger expected Bjorn’s widow to be a bit older. However, Mrs. Kirsti Arnarson was a strikingly beautiful woman with short, blond hair. She wore a simple black dress and a g . . .

Roger’s Plans after His safe arrival in Oslo

Nicholas Orsini August 28, 2018

Meeting Jens at Oslo airport and reaching the Continental in a Mercedes that he drove

Roger and his assistant Teresa boarded the SAS flight to reach Oslo’s Fornebu International Airport. For Roger, taking this detour to Norway on his way home had some reasons.

Fo . . .

Terrorist Plot Unveiled in the Top-Secret Message

Nicholas Orsini August 21, 2018

The deadly plan to use anthrax for poisoning key US cities’ water supplies


On reaching the US Embassy in Kabul, Dr. Rogers briefed Hal Butler, the deputy chief of mission, about what happened during his team’s investigation of the massive Tabas earthquake’s aftereffects. He told how their helicopter’s fuel tank malfunctioned, forcing them . . .